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A Day of Delivering

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Sep 24, 2015
by Karen Saupe

Youthful Exuberance

I had the pleasure the other day of spending 3 hours driving with my husband, Greg, in the Johnson Team moving van full of furniture. We drove around Bellingham dropping off couches and tables and chairs and a bed and lots of other items. Following the van was a carload of 5 students from Lynden Christian High School and their teacher, Chris Rast. We were like Santa and his elves. We went to 7 different families that had been homeless and had recently received housing. In all we delivered over 20 items. The students were great. They were highly motivated and cheerful throughout the entire 3 hours. Those kids could move some furniture!

Generosity and Caring

The furniture was donated by people in our community that wanted their furniture to have another life with people starting another life after being homeless. The generosity of our community never ceases to amaze me. People will not only donate a bed in great condition but they will often have the bedding all freshly laundered to go with it. Very often we get furniture that could easily have been sold, but these generous souls prefer that someone who has very little receive it instead.

Gratitude and Grace

Then there are the customers… I never know their stories, only that they have recently been homeless and in need of furniture and household items. Some of them have really touched me. There is M, a woman in her 60's who is always so grateful. She will say "thank you it means a lot and I mean that from the bottom of my heart." Then there was S, a woman in her 30's. I brought her a bed and a small box of dishes and cups. She said, "Oh can I have a coffee mug and a few dishes?" I said, "sure, you can have the whole box!" She stopped and looked at me and said, "but what about the others who need stuff? I'll just take what I need".

Respect and Appreciation

House2Home would not be possible without the volunteers that are so generous with their time and strength to pick up and deliver the furniture. The volunteer center brings together the pieces, but you, the students, the neighbors, the donors, the community, are the glue that holds it all together. If you would like to be a part of this program or any other program or opportunity through the Volunteer Center of Whatcom County, give me a call 746-2362. -Karen Saupe